Exhibit systems is a commercial technique used by the corporation to attract opportunities for their business by having display booths. This helps the business to expand its sales opportunities and increase its customer base. Here at Alusett System, we provide structure, systems, KUBUS, Octagonal/ Softline for exhibit construction.

We have been serving exhibit systems since 1990 in Latin, North and Central America. The exhibit systems we provide are very innovative and durable.


We believe in customer service and hence, our staff ensures the best service for the customers. We understand are a customer and then propose the setup of the exhibit systems in the most affordable prices.

We believe that every project is unique and ensure that we provide a versatile and the most appropriate idea in that budget. Our products are durable and light weight. This provides great construction flexibility for people.  The components are multi-functional and can be used for various space systems. They can be reduced and extended when needed. These exhibit systems are modular and are easy to work with. Our products have a long life because of its good quality. It is also available in great colours. We have a great display system for exhibitions.

We have a team fully focused on the research and development of a better product so that we could serve to the customers better. We have a well-developed distribution network, which helps us to do our business in all over US.

Here at Alusett System, we believe in reusable and strength. The products and system is modular which help to use the same product again. The same display system can be presented into a different idea and space and then a lot of money is saved too. We have a team of professionals that provide advice on budget management and designs.

We can provide configurations like aluminium profiles, supplementary profiles, accessories, raised floor, electric appliances, lighting, wall panels and all the required tools and transport facilities.

Be it Small Corporation or a large corporate exhibition we have provided the best. We also work with museums. We are professionals and help to connect better with the customers. We believe in maximizing the trade efforts by great trade exhibit systems. We are known for rebounding and providing professional projects. With great aluminium products and supporting accessories we provide a complete solution for exhibitions.